Housing Resources

For questions regarding any of the resources listed below
Reservoir Hill Improvement Council’s
housing counselor, Carl Cleary, is available to assist you.

Contact Carl at 410.225.7547, or by e-mail at ccleary@reservoirhill.net

Maryland Insurance Administration
Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA)is the state agency that regulates the business of insurance in the State of Maryland. The MIA provides assistance to consumers, businesses, health care providers (including doctors and hospitals), and producers (agents or brokers) in all areas of insurance, including life, health, disability, automobile, homeowners, and property.

The MIA has also instituted a Rapid Response Program which is designed to help certain consumers resolve property and casualty claims (i.e. auto and homeowners claims, including those made under commercial lines policies) quickly and without having to file a formal written compliant. For information about this program, please contact MIA at 410-468-2340 or 800-492-6116 ext. 2340

The MIA produces consumer guides, rate comparisons and frequently asked questions related to various types of insurance. The following is a sample list of available publications; Consumer Guide to Homeowners Insurance, Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance, Health Premiums for Small Employers, Annual Premiums for Medicare Supplement Policies, and Insurance preparedness Guide for Natural Disasters. Consumers may access this agency and its consumer materials in several ways; download from their website, www.mdinsurance.state.md.us , on the Consumer Publication page, call (410) 468-2000 or write to Maryland Insurance Administration 200 Saint Paul Street, Suite 2700 Baltimore, MD 21202 

Current Permit Fees
To view the current fees go to: http://static.baltimorehousing.org/pdf/permits_fees.pdf  The Office of Permits & Building Inspections enforces the Baltimore City Building Code, as well as state laws pertaining to construction and occupancy. This office issues building permits and provides subsequent inspections for: construction, alteration, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work in both commercial and residential structures. File your completed application in person at: The One- Stop Shop,417 E. Fayette Street, Room 100. Not sure if your project requires a permit? Call 410-396-3360,

Vacants to Value $10,000 Booster Program
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Department of Housing and Community Development are pleased to announce the Vacants to Value $10, 000 Booster Program, along with enhancements to previously Vacants to Value incentives. Effective July 1, 2011, the first fifty buyers of qualified Vacants to Value properties will receive $10,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance.   

The first two stages of the broader Vacants to Value initiative- Streamlined Disposition and Targeted Code Enforcement- are working very, very well and producing outstanding opportunities for homebuyers. The Vacants to Value $10,000 Booster Program is offered in addition to previously announced Vacants to Value homeownership incentives, traditional homeownership incentive programs and property tax credits. 

Of special note is a change to the Good Neighbors Vacants to Value Homeownership Incentive previously announced for teachers, firefighters and police officers. All City employees are now eligible for the $ 5,000 Good Neighbors Incentive which can be used in conjunction with the $10,000 Booster Program. For a full listing of all Vacant to Value Homeownership Incentives and program description visit , www.baltimorehousing.org  

“Hope for Homeowners” Program to Help Struggling Families Keep Their Homes
The HOPE for Homeowners program will refinance mortgages for borrowers having difficulty making their payments, but who can afford a new loan by HUD’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The program is available only to owner occupants and offers 30-year fixed rate mortgages. The program ends 30 September 2011.  For more information, go to: http://www.hud.gov/hopeforhomeowners/

Maryland Mortgage Program Acquisition Rehabilitation Loan
The State of Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development (CDA) in conjunction with National Homeownership Month announces it now offers a loan product for homebuyers seeking to purchase a property in need rehabilitation. This program offers eligible borrowers an acquisition and rehabilitation mortgage to purchase a single family, one unit home as a primary residence and obtain funds for needed repairs and/or renovations at the same time. The program provided by a CDA Participating 203(k) lender to the borrower under the terms of CDA’s Maryland Mortgage Program. The acquisition costs are paid to the seller of the home at closing and a rehabilitation escrow account, per FHA 203(k) or FHA 203(k) Streamline requirements, is set up at the loan closing. This program is offered through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and is available statewide. Please contact Single Family Housing at (410) 514-7535 or at SingleFamilyHousing@mdhousing.org  for additional information.

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center Foreclosure Report
St. Ambrose has concluded a study tracking the outcomes of 1.031 households that entered into its foreclosure prevention program during the year 2007. The report finds that among other things 70% (720) of those receiving assistance had positive outcomes. Positive was defined as; remaining in their homes, or being able to sell the property for more than what the family had originally paid for it. In the study researchers looked at the period of time that had elapsed since the clients sought help and what had eventually was their outcomes three years later. Why wait three years? The reason for this was because some clients do not resolve foreclosure mitigations neatly within a short period of time. Additionally some of the clients had legal claims against their lenders and required additional time to settle. For more information and additional statistics, visit: http://www.stambros.org/downloads/sahac_fc_special_report_2011.pdf

Healthy Neighborhoods Offers Forgivable Loans
Through its NSP2 Direct Purchase Program, Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc. has a $25,000 forgivable loan available for homebuyers to help defray the cost of the purchase and renovation of a foreclosed or abandoned home in certain census tracts in the following areas: Reservoir Hill, Better Waverly, EdnorGardens, Coldstream Homestead Montebello, Belair-Edison and Patterson Park/McElderry Park. Eligible borrowers can earn no more than 120 % of 2010 Adjusted Area Median Income, approximately $98,640 for a family of four. The Direct Purchase Program relies on the commitment of home buyers who love city life and believe in the future of active and engaged urban communities. Healthy Neighborhoods has hired Rahn Barnes as a consultant to assist buyers in the Direct Purchase Program.  For information contact Rahn Barnes at 410-332-0387 x 154 or rbarnes@healthyneighborhoods.org.

CDBG’S First-Time Homebuyer Program
The Office of Homeownership has established the Community Block Grant Program to give qualified first time homebuyers $5,000 toward down payment and settlement expenses.  Upon receiving a counseling certificate, the borrower can then find a property and sign a contract to purchase. The property must be inspected utilizing an HQS inspection.ActiveCityemployees may qualify to receive $3,000 in home buying incentive funds. The CDBG program has income limitations to qualify for this program.  For information contact Carl Cleary at 410.225.7547, or ccleary@reservoirhill.net.



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